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Lego original and imitation

In Japan, I found another imitation of the original Lego™ bricks. Again, identical in size (just a tiny bit taller) and color, but differing in the pimples (this time, the bricks even came with two different top sides). Again, the inferior quality of the plastic is already visible in the photos; compared to the original, they look very worn, and probably won't last long.

Lego original and imitation

Plagiarism - not just in software. Today, I found a copy of the well-known Lego™ bricks. Same color, same size, they only don't stick to each other - so no full compatibility, only emulation. As you can probably see from the wear and tear of the copy, it probably won't last nearly as long as the original; the plastic material even has a "cheap" look and feel.