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Merry Christmas 2005

ingo at xmas tree

I travelled a lot during this X-mas season: First to my girlfriend, then together with her to my parents, on the way paying a visit to some of her close friends. Travelling with me: a sore throat :-(
Nonetheless, we had a nice Christmas, and I got to see my former schoolmates on the 10-year reunion, which also took place.


Yuko and ingo

After a long time, I have finally updated my website. The most important change in my life can be seen in the photo above: My wonderful girlfriend Yuko.


I am If my life was a game of Jeopardy! my seven dream categories would be:

(This enumeration is inspired by Douglas Coupland's book Microserfs.)

Artworks collage

ingo's creative hobby no.1: Textile painting. Visit the gallery containing lots of high-quality images of ingo's textile painting on T-shirts with fabric paint and airbrush!


We're online! Today I've received the invoice from the web space provider with the ftp password. I immediately uploaded some ancient status page to put my stake at this domain. May it thrive and prosper...