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This shirt is actually based on some real internet porn advertisment banners (trust me, even with the best intentions, you simply cannot avoid them while surfing). I immediately realized that the banner would be a perfect reference for airbrushing. However, I had to invert the colors (except for the lady), because the original was red on a black background, which is bad because with my watery colors, it's impossible to airbrush on a dark background. However, color inversion (done with any imaging software) even created a fresh tropical look!

Besides, I did not click the banner!

date 30 Jun 2001
time 1 day
object T-shirt
technique airbrushstencilfreehand

This is the front side. Go to the back side.


I used a cardboard stencil for the big letters and the lady; later I reused the same stencil to add the reflections on the shiny surface. The rest was done freehandedly, while the painted parts were covered with the positive stencil. Finally, I added some white highlights and painted the tiny face with a "0"-size brush.


Source Callgirls porn front


Callgirls porn front.overview


Callgirls porn front.closeup

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