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It actually took seven years to finish this vest. I had painted the front side back in 1993, taking the Japanese letters from an electronics data book (without knowing what they meant). I knew, however, that the back side missed a magnificent picture, so the item stayed in my closet for the remaining time.
I had thought of a large ornamented dragon, but did not have a good reference. Then I accidentally found a beautiful Japanese landscape in my computer clipart collection, prompting me to finish the project.
Actually, the back side is a dreadful mixture of different cultures (though for the uninitiated, it all looks consistently like Asian art): The red dragon is a Scottish symbol, the larger symbol at the bottom means "dragon" in Chinese - and Japanese letters on the front.

date Feb 2001
time 2 days (front)
3 days (back)
object purple cotton vest
technique brushsketch


Source Dragon Sea


Dragon sea front.overview
Dragon sea back.overview


Dragon sea front.closeup
Dragon sea back.closeup

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