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This is my tribute to the tragical terrorist attack on the United States where two passenger aircraft crashed into both towers of the World Trade Center in New York and one plane hit the Pentagon in Washington. Thousands of people are presumed dead. The prime suspect is the Saudi Arabian terrorist Osama bin Laden, who is currently hiding in Afghanistan. President George W. Bush has declared war on global terrorism; the economy continues its downward spiral. Let's hope that further killings can be avoided and that the perpetrators will be found and tried.
The T-shirt displays the American flag with a burned-in Arabic sign that symbolizes the terror cast upon the United States (and the rest of the western world).

date 17 Sep 2001
time 2 days
object T-shirt
technique brushfreehand


In a couple of minutes, I created a sketch of the American flag, using blue and red with a size 10 bristle brush. It then took much more time to work out the three-dimensional shades of the wavy flag. Alternately, I had to paint the shadings for each red and white stripe. This would have been much easier with the airbrush, where I could have simply applied a lightly saturated black coating across all stripes.
On the second day, I tried to create the effect of a burned-in Arabic sign (besides, I don't know what it means). I'm not sure whether the effect is recognizable, but at least it looks good, i.e. dark and threatening.


source flag USA


terrorist attack.overview


terrorist attack.closeup

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