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I found this motive on a German satire web-site. Being shortly before Christmas, I immediately made a T-shirt out of this crude Santa Claus.

date 15 Dec 1996
time 2 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrushshine-through trace


With my shine-through trace method, the creation was very straightforward. I reduced the downloaded source to a black-and-white image and used the printout to trace the black outlines. Freehandedly (notice the inevitable overspray around Santa) I colored Santa's skin and his wrinkled red dress. Finally, I added a small shadow around the feet and bag to take the "flatness" out of the picture and create the impression that Santa is standing on a white floor.


Source Rohe Weihnachten


Rohe Weihnachten.overview


Rohe Weihnachten.closeup

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