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Do I need to say anything about Pacman? It was the first popular arcade game character, symbolizing the entire new genre. There was no gambling den without this game. It was one of my first computer games for the Atari™ VCS 2600 game console. I wanted to create a tribute shirt to this heroic figure.

date Dec 1996
time 8 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrushstencil


This project required many stencils. Those for Pacman and the ghosts were made of cardboard; adhesive plastic foil covered the background walls and food pills while painting the blue floor. Fortunately, I could reuse the cardboard stencil "Pac-man(iac)" for both the original name on the front and its pun on the back.


The entire project was based on illustrations from the original game manual:

Source Pacman videogame manual

I made this sketch to visualize the planned arrangement of the selected illustrations:

Source Pacman sketches


Pacman front.overview
Pacman back.overview


Pacman front.closeup
Pacman back two ghosts.closeup
Pacman back four ghosts.closeup

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