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1976 - the year of my birth. I researched the most important events of that year from a chronicle (roughly one event for each month of the year) and condensed them into a short note. Then I added the event of my birth on April 20th (which, of cause, is very important for me). The first half of the year is painted on the front, the rest on the back. Many colors are used for the event to match the colorful, eye-catching 1976 in the center.

date Jan 1995
time 7 days
object bright yellow T-shirt
technique airbrushstencilshine-through trace


I first brushed the black drop shadow of the 1976's through a stencil. Then I created the numbers in a horizontal gradient fill (which is one of the things that can be done so easily with an airbrush).
Now I could place the text around the number in the center. I had printouts of each event; one copy I put below the cotton to trace the vague outlines of each letter, a second copy was placed above the painting to check the exact characteristics of the character font.


1976 front.overview
1976 back.overview


1976 front.closeup
1976 back.closeup

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