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On the occasion of the Soccer World Cup 1994 in the USA, I wanted to recreate (and make fun of) the jersey of the German national team. For the national colors on the shoulders, it should look as if the colors are being washed away by the rain / sweat. For the player's number, I chose "00", which (in Germany) used to stand for the hotel room number of the restroom, and is widely associated with the toilet. Figuratively, it stands for "loser".
It is meant to ridicule the German national team, which - as the world champions since 1990 - did not perform exceptionally well at the preliminary matches. (Eventually, they reached the quarter finals.)

date Jul 1994
time 4 days
object T-shirt
technique brushairbrushstencil


This one uses a combination of airbrush and conventional brushes. The running national colors are done by airbrush (with some wavy stencils). The black numbers and text are painted with brushes, first through a stencil (which speeds things up), then some freehand follow-up treatment (e.g. the thin lines).


World Cup USA  00 INGO front.overview
World Cup USA  00 INGO back.overview


World Cup USA  00 INGO front.closeup
World Cup USA  00 INGO back.closeup

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