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This is my favorite shirt. I found the motive in a magazine advert about Sega's new video game featuring Sonic the hedgehog. I immediately realized this would be perfect for airbrushing and fairly easy to do with stencils.

date 13 May 1995
time 2 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrushstencil


The challenge of this project is the amount of stencils needed. At first I photocopied the original several times, and glued the copy to cardboard. Like a jigsaw puzzle, I placed all pieces on the shirt and fixed them with magnets. Then I started from top, removing one stencil, brushing the area, putting the stencil back into place (luckily, the airbrush paint dries instantly), continuing with the next one. After two hours of painting, quite near the end, I lost my concentration and confused a stencil belonging to Sonic's left sock. I became so angry about my mistake that I almost destroyed the painting. Thank God I persisted and finished the painting (after all, the error is hardly noticeable), because this really is my favorite one.


Game magazine scan of Sega video game advert

Source Sonic





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