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This is my second airbrush project. I had created one "arrow" stencil and intended to use it several times on the shirt. After brushing the very first stencil, I realized that the overspray had created an ugly line outside the stencil area, right below the neck (which I forgot to cover broadly). To hush up the accident, I improvised a wavy line, that in turn reminded my of a photon (light particle / wave). This lead to the idea of portraying the big bang (an enormous explosion that caused the creation of the universe): Some nuclear particles in the middle, emanating shock or gravity waves. Particles are emitted from the center and collide with other objects, leading to split paths. And these massive arrows that represent the heat and strong forces of gravity.
At first, I was really angry about my initial blunder. In the end, I was really happy about my spontaneous creation!

date May 1994
time 1 day
object yellow T-shirt
technique airbrushstencilfreehand


As noted, I started with the massive arrows that were sprayed through a simple cardboard stencil. As a background on which to put the shirt, I'm using a wooden plate, onto which I've glued a thin sheet of metal, covered with white adhesive plastic foil. Thus, the stencils can be fixed by some small magnets (like the ones to put notes on your fridge; mine are from an old toy train).
The rest of the painting was done freehand.


Big Bang.overviev


Big Bang.closeup

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