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This is my first airbrush project, and the second of the "ingo" theme. I chose an ornamented "wooden" font for my first name on the front. For the back, I drew a tree, recreating the style of the letters.

date 1994
time 3 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrushstencil


As already noted, the text was written in a special computer font. I printed it twice, glued the printout on cardboard, and cut out the leaves on one sheet and the tree trunk on the other. I first brushed the trunk with two brown colors, then swapped the stencil and added the leaves with light and grass green. The same applies to the back.
As you can see in the front overview photo, I had started concluding each painting with a title, my ingologo signature and date information at the hem-line of the shirt. These are improvised in the same color and style of the main painting.


ingo Tree front.overview
ingo Tree back.overview


ingo Tree front.closeup
ingo Tree back.closeup

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