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The software downloads here are legacy stuff and will not be updated any longer; new development takes place in my GitHub repositories.
10-Mar-2007 - last update: 07-Apr-2022

writebackup: Write subsequent backups of the passed file(s) with a '.YYYYMMDD[a-z]' file extension as a primitive, small and self-contained alternative to revision control systems. Implemented in VBScript and Bash.

New development takes place at GitHub.

03-Jul-2007 - last update: 23-Feb-2008

Linklint: Enhancements, bugfixes and updates to an open source Perl program by James B. Bowlin that checks links on websites.

Unfortunately, the lack of support for TSL makes this tool increasingly useless for checking external sites, and URLs in CSS are also missed. Some other people have also started to enhance the original, e.g. linklint3 by bfmartin.


OLPC XO laptop: Enhancements, patches and customizations to the "100 Dollar laptop". These aren't intended for the core recipients of the laptops, small children in developing countries, but rather for Linux users and software developers who have acquired one of those laptops through the XO Giving (a.k.a. Give One, Get One) program, as I have done.


AutoHotkey scripts: AutoHotkey scripts to tweak the Windows experience for heavy keyboard power users.

Not maintained any longer as I don't use a Windows desktop any more.