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linklint-2.3.5_ingo_020 from 23-Feb-2008: Duplicate anchor detection, handling non-absolute redirects, new option -no_warn_files, bugfixes. 
linklint-2.3.5_ingo_019 from 22-Jan-2008: Fixes to case and orphan checking, new options -ignore_orphan and -no_warn, various small bugfixes. 
linklint-2.3.5_ingo_011 from 11-Nov-2007: Improved named anchor handling. 
linklint-2.3.5_ingo_010 from 09-Nov-2007: Warning on literal spaces in URL. Small bugfixes.  
linklint-2.3.5_ingo_009 from 03-Jul-2007: First published version. 


Linklint is an open source Perl program that checks links on websites. The original Linklint site hasn't been updated since August 13, 2001. The latest release is Linklint 2.3.5. I've been using this cute tool to check my website for several years, and found it really helpful. I needed to make some enhancements (e.g. have it support local files containing spaces) and implemented some additional features, which was easy to do, because the tool is written in Perl. Its original creator, James B. Bowlin, put this tool under the GNU General Public License. In this spirit of free software, I share my modifications to Linklint, in the hope that somebody finds them useful. Please note that this is no official distribution and no attempt to continue development of Linklint. If somebody else wants to do this, I'd gladly contribute my changes, though.

The downloadable package consists of the original distribution (zipped Windows version), plus the updated and modified HTML documentation. The original linklint executable is named linklint-2.3.5.