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Somewhere on the Internet, I came upon a black-and-white rendering of the letters HARD, and immediately liked the three-dimensional illusion that is created by those very simple outlines.

date 01-Dec-2013
time 1 hour
object dark blue T-shirt
technique brushstencil


I printed the graphic on plain A4-sized paper, cut out the black areas, and used that as a stencil. I chose a low-contrast medium-blue color (a plus color from Marabu's textile colors that contains white pigment to be visible on darker backgrounds); it appears brighter on the photos due to the flash.

After filling the stencil areas, I added 2 read below (in freehand, and a brighter, more visible hue of turquoise), to create a self-referential wordplay on [This is] hard to read.


hard source


hard overview


hard closeup

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