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During the summer holidays, our daughter spent a week in another kindergarten, and promptly came back with new influences: Another girl had drawn pictures of Dracula girls, and Hannah had copied them. My wife was interested in the sources, and started googling them. She finally found the goth / Anime mixture of comic girls with huge eyes and a weirdly-colored complexion, but her image search also brought up the following picture, which I immediately liked.

The caption на здоровье (na zdorovje) is a kind of toast.

date 19-Sep-2013
time 3 evenings
object dark red T-shirt
technique stencilfreehand


I used a spare red T-shirt which was too dark for "normal" painting, but was just perfect for this. I printed the image on A4-size paper, and cut out the red and white parts, and used the remainder as a stencil. Starting with the black rays, hat and face, proceeded with the white face, towards the bottom part in a third session.


na zdorovje source


na zdorovje overview


na zdorovje closeup

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