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Taken from my daughter's Hello Kitty coloring book, we jointly transfered two easy but nice pages to T-shirts.

PS: I know that it's spelled barbecue; this is a pun (inspired by the BBQ abbreviation) on the bad Engrish translations of many (not just Japanese) products and manuals.

date 19-May-2013
time a few hours over 3 days
object T-shirt
technique brushtrace


In a first pass, I traced the heavy black lines from the coloring book with a pencil, and then painted the lines with a no. 1 brush. The next day, I assisted my daughter (by preparing and mixing the colors, and giving advice how to handle the brush) with her painting, and used up the remainders of the colors for a start with my own shirt, which I completed another day.

Because of the forgiving black lines, and because it's like coloring with pencils, my daughter was able to do the painting on her own without much help. This made her very proud of her work!


Kitty Barbeque overview

Kitty Butterfly overview


Kitty Barbeque closeup

Kitty Butterfly closeup

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