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Now that my daughter is four years old, after an almost decade-long hiatus, I finally picked up painting again (fortunately, my colors all survived and have not gone dry!), because I can now paint together with her! (She's still mostly into watercolor, but has tried textile painting, too.)

date 03-Mar-2012
time 1 hour
object T-shirt
technique brushfreehand


I still don't have time for planning or preparation, this has to happen on a moment's notice. Therefore, I limit myself to a few colors and freehand painting, and just improvise. I started with the front, made up a font face and used a silly name (Ninjin means carrot in Japanese), and turned that into a logo. The colors dried almost immediately, I was warmed up, my daughter was still busy, so I just turned the shirt around to tackle the back side.

At the time, the news was abuzz with Iran's nuclear program, threats by Israel and the U.S., talk of UN and EU sanctions. I ad-libbed on the Iran - Uranium (Uran in German) word play, added some more related phrases, and finally threw in the nuclear symbol and the U.S. flag to make this more visually appealing.


Ninjin front.overview
Ninjin back.overview


Ninjin front.closeup
Ninjin back.closeup

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