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My girlfriend Yuko and I were about to visit her sister in England, who only in January had given birth to a baby boy. I suggested that for a present, we buy a baby shirt which I would paint with his name and a little children's motive.

date 12-Jun-2005
time 1 day
object baby T-shirt
technique brushfreehand


I soon found a suitable picture in my archive of magazine scraps, where I only had to change the children's expressions from angry to happy. (The illustration is about daddy's control of the TV programme.) Because the scrap's scaling fit the size of the baby shirt, I was able to slid the original illustration underneath the shirt and coarsely trace the outline of the motive. Then I did a freehand painting of the motive, carefully trying to reproduce the original colors.
I placed the baby's name underneath, randomly making up the style and font of the letters. To balance the inadvertent tilting of the letters to the right, I finally added some additional visual elements (a present, pretzel and sugar cane) to balance the painting and to provide a space to place my sign.


Source Baby painting


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name part Talo

name part Jay

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