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Marketing material can be a terrific source for nice T-shirts. When I saw this IBM ad, I realized that these guys have already done all the preparations: I just had to take a dark blue T-shirt, and apply the design.

date 30 Mar 2002
time 1 day
object dark blue T-shirt
technique brush


Because I am trying to improve my freehand skills, and you cannot use a shine-through template (it's even difficult to sketch with a black pen), I made a compromise: I just cut a stencil for the rounded boxes, and did the interior freehandedly (which is easy, since the boxes provide a frame for correct placement and sizing).
For the red box, I first applied thin layer of a mixture of 75% white and only 25% red to achieve the necessary opacity. In a second pass, I intensified the red color with a mix that contained only some white.


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