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When I saw all these Harry Potter rucksacks, pencil cases and other toys during the latest cinema-induced craze, I always recognized the similarity of the "HP" logo to the Hewlett-Packard information technology company that shares the initials. So I set out to create an HP T-shirt, Harry Potter-style.
In addition, I spontaneously found some nice little puns as I went along: "HP magic" instead of the official "HP invent", plus the marketing text:

powered by Muggle technology
works for nine and three-quarters

For those non-Harry Potter fans: Muggles are the ordinary, non-wizard people, and nine and three-quarters is the number of the train platform where the Hogwart's Express to the magic kingdom departs.

date 22 Jan 2002
time 1 day
object T-shirt
technique brush


This is a quick-and-dirty project. I just had some printouts of the logos, and used a Harry Potter book cover for text font details.


HP Harry Potter.overview

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