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This T-shirt represents a brainstorming about my job as an R&D software engineer. The top left square depicts meetings, email conversations, internet browsing (do you recognize the Internet Explorer icon?) The top right square shows the engineering work, e.g. UML diagrams. The bottom left square resembles a computer desktop, with dialogs, buttons, error messages and the cursor. The bottom right square shows various computer hardware items like keyboard, mouse, terminal, floppy disk.
Below, I placed the title of the shirt, written in the phonetic alphabet (in order to disguise the meaning so that only the "enlightened" can read it).

date 19 Mar 2000
time 1 day
object T-shirt
technique brushfreehand


Using only four hues of blue and violet, I painted square after square, applying the foreground colors while the background was still a bit wet.


R&D Engineer.overview


R&D Engineer.closeup

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