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A long-sleeved shirt provides a lot of space to cover, so I applied some smaller Hercules characters on the front. But I still had to cover the vast blank white spaces in between. First, to "connect" the separated paintings, and second because white cloth becomes dirty very soon (yes, practical considerations are as important here). I didn't want to apply a single color (which is difficult with my small airbrush, anyway), because it's too boring. But I also wanted to avoid a typical airbrush look with gradient fills. Being autumn, I collected and pressed various leaves that served me as natural stencils.

date Oct 1998
time 3 days
object white cotton shirt
technique airbrushshine-through tracestencil

This is the front side. Go to the back side.


The characters were painted in the same way as the large image on the back. For the green background, I simply put some dried and pressed leaves on the surface, and applied various hues of green with a very simple single-action airbrush with outside mixture (the experts will known what I mean). I also sprinkled spots, using low air pressure.


Hercules front.overview


Hercules young with Pegasus.closeup
Hercules Thick and Thin.closeup

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