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Each year, there is a volleyball tournament for employees of HP. Of cause, each team distinguishes itself from the others by a special jersey shirt. Some creative (lazy?) folks once even dressed up in plastic shopping bags. Most teams use iron-on transfers to attach the team logo to their T-shirts. The team which I joined painted the shirts themselves.
That year, we called ourselves "Glücksbärchis", after some TV animated cartoons. This page shows the airbrushed version that I created as a quick test and showcase for the others.

date 18 Mar 1998
time 2 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrushshine-through trace

This is the airbrushed version. Go to the painted version.


Below, you see the enhanced source image that is well suited for my shine-through method. Using a black ink marker, I traced the important outlines.


Source Graduated Gluecksbaerchi enhanced


Graduated Gluecksbaerchi.airbrushed.overview


Graduated Gluecksbaerchi.airbrushed.closeup

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