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This is the painted version of our volleyball tournament jersey shirt that I painted together with my fellow team members. We spent one Saturday afternoon painting, listening to music, exchanging tips and helping each other.
You wonder about the tournament? Well, we made it into the "also-rans", but we got the special price for the best jersey!

date 9 May 1998
time 1 day
object T-shirt
technique brushshine-through tracesketch

This is the painted version. Go to the airbrushed version.


At first I placed my enhanced source printout below the cloth. Without the airbrush, I could not directly trace the outlines on the cloth, so I used a pencil to create a rough sketch. These lines prevented grave mistakes, because the source below was barely visible. Then I applied the paint. For the bear, I mixed some opaque white to the pink color. On the other hand, the background color was thinned with water.


Source Graduated Gluecksbaerchi


Graduated Gluecksbaerchi.painted.overview


Graduated Gluecksbaerchi.painted.closeup

Download photo of our volleyball team

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