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At the end of an internal seminar of market economics, where we had to manage the production of dishwashers, we had to do some marketing for our product. With some slogans and jokes in mind, I decided to do a quick T-shirt instead of a more conventional marketing brochure or poster.
I chose "HP Dishjet" for product name, resembling the well-known "HP Deskjet™" inkjet printer series. On the back, I painted a list of features that relate to (and mock) HP and the IT sector.

date 17 Apr 1997
time 1 day
object T-shirt
technique airbrushfreehand


This one had to be quick and dirty, so everything (except the HP logo, for which I borrowed the stencil from my previous HP logo tie project) was done freehand. For the text on the back, I used the airbrush like a pen, handwriting every letter.


HP Dishjet front.overview
HP Dishjet back.overview


HP Dishjet front.closeup
HP Dishjet back.closeup

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