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There is a box of "Persil Megaperls™" washing-detergent standing on top of my washing-machine. I've been looking at the great design for quite some time, and I'm especially fascinated by the transparent hole in the middle of the box, through which you can see the detergent powder. A T-shirt with such a small round hole through which you can see the belly would be a striking. Finally, I also made a pun on the brand name and product information. "Brasil Megakerls" means Brasilian tough guy.

date 20 Feb 1997
time 3 days
object T-shirt
technique airbrush and iron-on transfers stencilfreehand


First of all, I hand-stitched the hole. Using a cardboard stencil, I started with the text. For the jagged green-yellow lines, I used adhesive plastic foil to mask parts of the background.
The rest of this "hybrid" painting was done by computer printouts on iron-on transfer paper. The small text, the "30° 60° 90°" and the "ingo" label were set in Micrografx™ Draw. It would have been too much effort to cut stencils for these small parts, and the letters would have been barely readable. With the computer, it was possible to add various marketing slogans, which were placed on the shoulders and lower hemlines.


Source Persil Megaperls


Brasil Megakerls.overview


Brasil Megakerls.closeup

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