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This is my homage to Flower Power. I saved this worn-out jeans from the trashcan for this provocative and striking project. I think I wore this one only once or twice in summer or during carnival, because it really attracts attention.

date Aug 1993
time 4 days
object light blue jeans
technique rubber stamp stencil


I didn't want to use a stencil this time, as I had done for the Footprints jeans. Instead, I cut the flower petals out of a rubber, and glued the 2mm-thick parts onto a piece of plastic. Using a brush, I applied the red paint to the rubber (which keeps, but does not absorb the paint) and then pressed the stamp onto the jeans. Then I used a round piece of rubber for the interior of the flower.


Bluemchenhose front.overview
Bluemchenhose back.overview



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