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I've been employed as a software developer since Oct-1999, working for one of the largest and oldest global IT companies that created the Silicon Valley, an admired company culture, and eventually broke apart to become (among others) the seventh-largest software company in the world. Here's a short overview of the products, technologies and software I've been involved with:

Jan-2017 - Sep-2021

Cloud application configuration and coordination for ITOM Operations Bridge Suite


Feb 2016 - May-2017

Containerized downsized Monitoring component for a Hyperconverged Appliance


Feb-2014 - Aug-2017

Monitoring Automation component for HP Operations Manager i, the next-generation Operations Management product


Mar-2011 - Feb-2016

Content Management component for HP Business Service Management, a complex multi-product suite

Joined another developer to maintain and grow a component that was developed for the HP Operations Manager i product, but then got re-used and incorporated into the overall management suite comprised of multiple products which were concurrently and independently developed at multiple sites.


Jul-2009 - Jun-2011

Event integration adapter for HP Operations Manager i, the successor of a leading management suite

Drove the use case analysis with all stakeholders and contributed to the planning and design of the first release, then focused on build, installation and consumption of major internal components during the second release. Shared responsibility for the implementation together with five fellow developers, and acted as the liaison for the sole component that was consumed by another offsite team.


Jun-2005 - May 2008

Incident data and process connector between the HP OpenView Service Desk service management system and 3rd-party vendor systems, especially SAP Solution Manager

After participating in the initial analysis and collaboration with another big company to develop an official web service interface, I initially only worked part-time on this product, which then consisted of an evolved prototype developed by a hodgepodge of developers. My contributions to the product included:


Jan-2000 - Jul-2005

Internal configuration and deployment component for HP OpenView Operations for Windows, a leading application management suite

I first worked together with a senior developer, then alone on this component for five releases. It was closely related and (among others) consumed by the SAP monitoring plugin mentioned below. In contrast to that product, the target audience were fellow development teams (who were located in other sites around the world).


Oct-1999 - Jun-2006

SAP R/3 monitoring plugin for HP OpenView Operations for Windows, a leading application management suite

I worked in a team of about 5 other developers on this product for seven releases, with a release cycle of roughly one year. During that time, I covered various areas:


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