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From its early beginnings as network management via SNMP traps, Operations Manager expanded into application management, pivoted from a host- to a service-centric model based on a CMDB implemented on a new technology stack, then gained the ability to integrate with numerous third-party sources of event and metric data, in addition to its own collection, which works both with agents and through remote probes. As the Operations Bridge, it offers a consolidated view of heterogeneous, hybrid environments, with a unified view on events and health information that pinpoints root causes and affected services. Far from being a simple event browser and trigger of remedial actions, it can generate trouble tickets, send email alerts, execute automated runbooks, and show detailed reports and dashboards. A new data ingestion does away with multiple data collection and storage, and analytics with machine learning algorithms promises data analysis that doesn't require tedious configuration.

The Operations Bridge Suite ships as a cloud application, which means that you provision one or three master nodes, and any number of worker nodes (that can later be scaled up or down), either as physical (Linux) systems, or virtual machines in a private or also public cloud (like Amazon AWS instances). An installer that is common to all Suites bootstraps a Kubernetes environment, and lets you select the desired Suite capabilities, each of which consists of a set of Docker containers that can then be scaled according to your needs. In contrast to a classic deployment, this offers more flexibility, built-in high availability, and integrations among capabilities that work out of the box.

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HPE Operations Bridge Development Engineer
Feb 2016 - …
Put OMi into a Docker container for a hyperconverged appliance, then productized this as part of the first private cloud-based monitoring solution for Hybrid IT.


HCOE Hyperconverged Appliance

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ITOM Operations Bridge Suite

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