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You like my open source contributions, the content of my home page, or my various posts and answers elsewhere? I have helped you with some problem, and you want to do more than just say thank you? Here are some ways you can show your appreciation: wishlist

I have publish wishlists for general books, software books, and music. Maybe you find something you'll want to order for me!


You may send some crypto-currency coins to my bitcoin address: bc1qekzxq6krp8y2rnxu0e4dd3p8lhqtak0umce6rk.


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I'm in the fortunate position to have enough stable income and free time to work on this voluntarily, for my own learning and happiness. With this, any financial compensation is a nice touch and extra motivation, but purely optional. Instead of simply pulling out your checkbook, I rather would like you to try and make the world a better place, through whatever personal motivation and means you have. Nothing would delight me more than discovering that through my contributions, I have enabled you to give back something unique, too.