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fabric paint

I have started with Pelikan™ textile paint, then used the ones from Deka™; both are quite liquid and can be easily applied. However, on dark backgrounds they must be mixed with up to 50% opaque white.
Currently I'm using Marabu™ Fabric paint, which is a little bit thicker; there are special opaque, flourescent and metallic colors. All three makes are local, so they might not be available outside of Germany. However, since all three textile paints have fully satisfied me, the choice of make is not that critical. I've washed some of my works over 50 times, some at 90°, without fading of colors. However, it is very important to iron the dried colors at maximum temperature for five minutes each place for fixation.

Fabric paint


My airbrush is a Hansa™ aero-pro 250 double-action with a 0.2mm nozzle. It is sufficient for areas up to DIN A4-size.

Airbrush closeup


My compressor is an EFBE™ Aircom 250, using a diaphragm for compression.

Compressor closeup

airbrush paint

I'm using Deka™ PermAir Airbrush textile paint, that can be used undiluted, and Deka™ Silk, which can also be used for cotton; that paint is very liquid and very transparent.
For cleaning, I use both water and spirit.

Airbrush paint

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