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With this project, I wanted to mock the marketing craze about the Internet. On the front, I placed two overlapping E's, the orange one is used by HP, the red symbol by IBM. I put this into a question "Do you speak E?", effectively asking "Tell me what is all about this marketing craze?" On the back, I faked the HP's new corporate style, using round boxes. In each one, I put a different buzzword. I'd collected these over some weeks; whenever I found one in a magazine or advert, I wrote it down.

date Oct 2000
time 7 days
object cream-white cotton sweat-shirt
technique airbrushbrushstencilfreehand


Lazily, I painted the two E's by airbrush. However, I had to re-paint the red one again with a brush, because the thick cotton cloth soaked up the thin airbrush color and made it dissipate. So, I was more careful at the boxes of the back side, applying the paint in thin layers. There, however, I was faced with another problem: The single cardboard stencil that I used gradually became wet, so that at the end, the colors started running underneath the covered area. However, I was able to fix that by applying some opaque white cover-up (as I had to do on the front, where I once accidentally dropped the brush).
The tiny white letters were done freehandedly, using a printout as a reference.


Do you speak E front.overview
Do you speak E back.overview


Do you speak E front.closeup
Do you speak E back.closeup

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