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This jeans is based on several computer clipart images of bikers. As it is difficult to fill an entire long-sleeved shirt, it's even more daunting to paint pants (even short ones), because you don't have one single large canvas, but several fragments.
I placed the large colored vector graphic on one leg, and distributed the small iconic drawings evenly. Maybe you even recognize some, since they are from Microsoft™ Office 97.

date Sep 1999
time 7 days
object white short jeans pants
technique brushsketch


This is my first painting after a long summer break, and I switched back from airbrush to "conventional" brushes. I could have easily done this via airbrush, especially the monochrome and two-colored bikers, but I did not want to. It would have required much more time to cut and place the various stencils in comparison to the seconds spent actually painting. The thick white jeans cloth was challenging, because I could not use my favorite shine-through trace method.
To create sketches on the cotton, I used an iron-on transfer pen: I copied the mirrored original printout to greaseproof paper by tracing the outlines with the pen. The paper is turned upside down and the lines are transfered to the cotton by electric iron. The sketch vanishes after the first washing (and, unfortunately, it blurs when touched or rubbed, so I applied one after another, as needed).


Bicycle jeans front.overview
Bicycle jeans back.overview


Bicycle jeans color motif.closeup

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