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After all, is it art? For "warming up" before tackling the painting and for testing the color hue and density, I had been using small scraps of cotton cloth. That is, until I realized that each piece looks like an artwork itself. Sometimes it even looks like a small fuzzy sketch of the project, because the exact colors are used. Thus I dedicated a T-shirt for practising; over four years, I filled the entire space up. Currently, I am using the second one...

date 1994-97
time a few minutes on each project
object T-shirt
technique airbrushfreehand


Well, there's not much to say about the creation. It is important to practise some lines and curves to relax one's grip and become accustomed to the airbrush. Additionally, you can test new techniques and how the various colors interact.


Practising cloth front.overview
Practising cloth back.overview


Practising cloth front.closeup
Practising cloth back.closeup

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