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This portrait is a cover of a John Lennon Songbook. I thought this is pretty easy to do and I had a T-shirt in the right color (a blank bright white background would have killed this delicate motive).

date 15 Jul 1996
time 1 day
object white/grey streaked T-shirt
technique airbrushshine-through trace


Very simply, I put a black-and-white photocopy of the portrait below the cotton and fixed the edges with adhesive tape. Because the T-shirt wasn't bright white, the pattern wasn't traceable, and I had to enhance the technique. I exchanged my wooden background with a pane of glass from a picture-frame. For airbrushing, the background is upright, only slightly tilted, anyway, so I could position a halogen desk-lamp behind it, directed to my face. The light shines through the back of the shirt, the pane of glass, the sketch on the paper and the shirt's front, rendering the sketch with a pretty good contrast. Since then, I have been using this "shine-through trace"-technique on many projects.


Imagine John Lennon.overview


Imagine John Lennon.closeup

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