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This is my attempt to recreate the racing dress of the German Formula 1 racing driver Michael Schumacher, who in 1996 was driving for the Italian Ferrari team.

date Apr 1996
time 1 week
object white shirt cloth stitched onto a red cotton jacket
technique airbrush and iron-on transfers


Due to the intense red color, it would have been impossible to paint on the jacket directly. So I relied on my mother to sew the painted patches onto the jacket. My first version had all labels applied on the front. I later rearranged most labels and removed some, because it was so loud that it simply wasn't wearable (except on carnival).
Most labels were created on the computer, either scanned or drawn with the mouse. They were printed on iron-on transfer paper and then ironed on thin white shirt cloth. The "RTL", Fiat and Ferrari logos were airbrushed, though.


Schumi-jacke front.overview
Schumi-jacke back.overview


Schumi-jacke front.closeup

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