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I used this old jeans for practising on thick jeans cloth. Whenever I had a new idea, I first tested it on this jeans. Thus, over several months, a patchwork of different motives has been created. The American Flag later resulted in my Flag jeans. I tested the footprints stencil. On the back side, the recycling logos later were painted on T-shirt.

date 1993
time about 14 days over several months
object black stonewashed short jeans pants
technique brushfreehand


The dark background poses a major problem, because the textile paint is intended for bright cloths, and isn't very opaque. Thus, especially the bright colors had to be mixed with opaque white, which is like a plastic coating. The high viscosity of the white paint aggravates the covering of the uneven jeans surface. It helps to dilute the paint with some drops of water, which is immediately soaked up by the jeans.


Practising jeans front.overview
Practising jeans back.overview


Practising jeans closeup

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