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Pancake in pan
2-3 eggs
1 level tablespoon sugar
a pinch of salt
5-7 heaped tablespoons flour
100 ml milk

1-2 apples
vegetable frying oil

Beat the eggs, sugar and salt until the mass is very frothy. The more air, the better the pancake will be. Heat up the pan early, so that you can pour the first pancake while the dough is still fresh. Within minutes, the dough will lose its air, and the pancakes will be more firm. You may add some baking powder to get an even lighter dough.

Pancake ready

Together with the flour, add enough milk to get a thick and viscous dough, which spreads only slowly in the pan. You may cover the pancake with apple slices immediately after pouring the pancake. Flip the cake once; the second side usually needs only half the time of the first.

The recipe typically yields 4 to 5 pancakes. Serve immediately with some powdered or fine sugar sprinkled on top.

As a variation, you may skip the apples and serve the bare pancake spread with apple puree or fruit yoghurt and then rolled up.

Ingo Karkat, Sep-2001