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step 1: Apples

For a good start into the day, you must eat right. Most of the packaged, processed "industrial" food contains a lot of crystalline sugar. For sure, this sugar directly rushes into the blood, waking you up. But the body also releases insulin that counters the sugar, and you'll feel tired again soon. Prefer a morning meal that gets digested slowly, in turn avoiding huge fluctuations of blood sugar levels.

step 1b: Apples

Fruits provide vitamins, cereals provide energy; milk is an excellent refreshment and offers some proteins. Combine everything to a tasty muesli!

1-1.5 apples (approx. 200g)

I prefer firm apple types instead of mealy ones. Chop into small pieces; don't remove the skin; most vitamins hide underneath! I have several big muesli dishes; most dessert dishes are too small.

step 2: oat flakes and crispy muesli

enter the cereals:

50 g instant crispy muesli
50 g oat flakes

Instant muesli tastes great; unfortunately (like most processed food), it contains a lot of sugar. This sugar isn't good for our teeth and it provides a kind of "fast-track" energy that rushes to your blood, but that is also exhausted very soon. To have a constant, lasting energy supply throughout the morning, we have the fruit sugar contained in the apples and raisins. Furthermore, we're adding roughage, namely oat flakes that taste rather neutral.

step 3: raisins, cracknel and sunflower seeds
1 tablespoon raisins
1 teaspoon sunflower seeds
1 teaspoon cracknel (chopped caramelized nuts)

Raisins (if not already contained in the instant muesli) can be exchanged and enhanced with various dried fruits like dried strawberries or bananas; sunflower seeds provide vegetable fat; cracknel is in simply for the taste. For a change, I sometimes exchange them with dried coconut flakes to have a Caribbean flavor.

step 4: full-cream milk

Let's conclude our muesli with a splash of fresh cold

full-cream milk

Alternatively, you can use plain yoghurt, curd cheese or even vanilla ice!

ingo eating his muesli

Mmm, that tastes good! I've been eating this muesli for more than five years now, almost every morning.

Ingo Karkat, Jun-2001