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Karaoke Songs
Feb 2000

I've recorded two "Karaoke" CD albums. As a source, I either used original songs onto which I overdubbed my voice, or instrumental MIDI songs played by my wavetable soundcard. I did all the recording and editing on my home PC system, which is a moderate Pentium-II 233 MHz with 64MB RAM. However, my EWS64S semi-professional soundcard contributed a lot to making the MIDI files sound well; on a cheap soundcard, especially without wavetable, MIDI files are usually horrible to listen to.

More Karaoke Songs
Jan 2001

Anyway, I did these albums not for personal vanity nor because I'm convinced that I possess a great voice (I certainly do not), but for fun. It's been a great pleasure to discover the audio capabilities of my soundcard, learn about the sequencer and recording software, and sift through hundreds of downloaded MIDI files for my personal favorites. It's fascinating that today's off-the-shelf computer systems allow to produce music that are very close to professional audio CDs, especially when remembering the analog limitations of tape recorders of the past.

I would have liked to put some audio tracks on this website (in MP3 format), but I don't have that much webspace available. Maybe later. So far, you can just preview the CD covers of my albums.

Ingo Karkat, Sep-2001