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me as admin

Add my own user as an admin (i.e. being in the same groups as the current user).

$ sudo adduser inkarkat
$ sudo usermod --append --groups "$(sed -e "/.$USER/"'!d' -e 's/^\([^:]\+\):.*$/\1/' /etc/group | sed -n -e H -e '${ g; s/^\n//; s/\n/,/g; p }')" inkarkat
$ su - inkarkat
$ sudo add-apt-repository ppa:nextcloud-devs/client
$ sudo apt update && sudo apt install nautilus-nextcloud
- Applications > Accessories > Nextcloud desktop sync client
  Server address:
  (Login in browser)
  (O) Sync everything from server
  [v] Ask for confirmation for larger than 500 MB
  [v] Ask before syncing external storage
  Local Folder: /home/inkarkat/cloud
  General > General Settings
  	[v] Launch on System Startup
  Network > Proxy Settings
  	(O) Use system proxy

Ingo Karkat, 20-Dec-2020, updated 28-Dec-2020