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16..17-Aug-2018 - 2 days (Narayan Iyer)
Java (web application) Defensive Programming Training: Mandatory for R&D; Confidentiality, Integrity & Availability; weakest link and defense in depth, fail secure, least priviledge; mitigating common vulnerabilities via input validation, output encoding, correct session handling; concurrency and issues introduced by it; cryptography (hashing, secure random, key management). Includes access and scenarios from

21..23-Mar-2017 - 3 days (Randy Abernethy), RX-M Software Consulting
Advanced Kubernetes: Labs that build a secure two-node Kubernetes cluster component by component by hand, introducing the microservice architecture and many troubleshooting and sizing tips; development timeline and differences to Docker Swarm; architectural guidelines how to model pods.

26..27-Jul-2016 - 2 days (Peter Vollmer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise)
Scaled Agile Framework for Teams (SAFe 4.0); building an organization-wide process on top of Scrum or Kanban, to deliver value streams in agile release trains, managing company strategy and portfolio via epics; well-presented training, multiple-choice certification (milking some more money from clients); many exercises unfortunately didn't make much sense because we currently don't practise Agile in the small; how serious our upper management is about introducing this remains to be seen…

27..30-Jun-2016 - 4 days (Ronald Petty), RX-M Software Consulting
Docker Fundamentals + Advanced topics: Linux kernel and networking features enabling containers, image and container lifecycles with Docker, microservices architecture and how the Docker portfolio (and competitors like Kubernetes) enables them.

08..09-May-2014 - 2 days (Robert Gance, TEK systems)
Frontend Development using CSS

20..25-Jan-2014 - 5 days (Neven Cvetkovic, Trans-World Resources, LLC)
JBoss 7 Foundation Training: new features of JBoss Application Server 7; administration and configuration via web UI, CLI, MBeans, and how it's reflected in the underlying config; a tour through all modern JEE standards: EJB, JPA (persistence) and datasources, JAX-WS (SOAP) and JAX-RS (REST); advanced topics like modules and classloading.

07..08-Nov-2013 - 2 days (Tal Melamed)
Java (web application) Security Training: Mandatory for R&D and QA; Authentication, Authorization, Input validation, output encoding, errors and logging, HTML 5; with labs to find vulnerabilities in a demo web app and then attempt to fix them.

04-Apr-2008 - 1 day (Susan Mattice)
ITIL V3 Foundation Bridge: What's new in version 3 of the IT Infrastructure Library; Incident vs. Event vs. Request Fulfillment, IT Operations and Application Management.

18..22-Jun-2007 - 5 days (Partha Nageswaran, Trans-World Resources, LLC)
J2EE Design Patterns: Enterprise application server architecture and the MVC pattern in an EJB context, JSP, JSTL and custom tag libraries, the Struts framework, Spring and Inversion of Control, message-oriented middleware with JMS, persistence with the Hibernate framework.

11..14-Jul-2006 - 4 days (Mike Naseef, Batky Howell)
J2EE Essentials: JDBC, RMI, Model-View Controller pattern and the Model 2 architecture, JSP, Servlets, JNDI, EJB, JMS, JavaMail (using MySQL and the JBoss application server)

26..29-Jun-2006 - 4 days (Dana Bredemeyer, Bredemeyer Consulting)
Software Architecture workshop: meta, conceptual, logical and execution architecture, communication and politics, successful deployment

Mar-2006 - 3 days (presented by Michael Bolton, DevelopSense, course by James Bach, Satisfice, Inc.)
Rapid Software Testing: exploratory, ad-hoc testing; the tester's mindset, 34 heuristics to come up with test ideas and create a comprehensive test strategy

Feb-2006 - 1 day (Michael Woodhall, Transnational Management Associates Ltd.)
Partnering Across Cultures: India Focus: cultural awareness and differences

12..14-Jul-2005 - 3 day virtual classroom (Dale Waldt (aXtive Minds), Burntsand Corporation)
XML for Developers: XML DTDs, W3C Schema, XSLT processing

Feb-2005 - 1 day (HP Managed Services)
IT Service Management Essentials web-based training: ITIL, business - IT alignment; service design, development, management, assurance; operations

13..15-Dec-2004 - 2.5 days (Phillip G. Pennington, Microsoft Application Developer Support)
Microsoft Windows Security training class: threat modeling, input trust, attack surface, cryptography and authentication

16..20-Aug-2004 - 5 days (Dirk Olmes, Daedalos Consulting GmbH)
Advanced Java training class: thread programming, Serialization, Reflection, Streams, network programming, RMI, JDBC, JNI

11-Mar-2004 - 1 day (Martina Aldinger, HP; Rainer Czichos, ctn Munich)
Preparation training for the CeBIT trade fair: facing the customer, role plays simulating booth duty, using the LIFO® classification to identify different types of people.

Jul-2003 - 3 days (Jutta Eckstein, Objects in Action)
Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML

Apr-2003 - 1 day (Lutz Kirchhauser, Alexander Flachsbart, daemons point)
Workshop Enhanced Automated Test Environment (EATE) for HP OpenView software testing.

Mar-2003 - 2 hours (Eric Schmidt, HP Legal)
Open Source Software Licensing Seminar

Mar-2003 - 3 days (Mike Dutra, Microsoft) in Roseville, California
Developing cluster-aware software components for Windows 2000 Clusters:
Cluster APIs, Resource DLLs, Debugging.

Feb-2003 - 2 days lecture + 2 days labs (Rob Beddard, Microsoft) in Roseville, California
Deploying Windows 2000 Clusters - configuration and practical labs on real cluster systems.

Jun-2002 - 4 days (Michael Feathers, ObjectMentor)
Extreme Programming Immersion - a practical workshop in XP principles.

Sep-2001 - 3 days (Frank Buschmann, Siemens)
Design Pattern-oriented software architecture with an emphasis on patterns for concurrent and networked objects.

Jul-2001 - 5 days (HP Education)
Unix Multivendor system management: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Linux and HP-UX

Dec-2000 - 2 days (Don Kiely, AppDev)
XML for Microsoft Visual Tools Developers

Jun-2000 - 1 day (Evelyn Williams, HP OpenView)
Software usability and user centered design

Jun-2000 - 2 days (Tilo Linz, Imbus GmbH)
Software quality and test management fundamentals:

Jan-2000 - 5 days (Sherri Cornejo, HP OpenView)
HP OpenView VantagePoint for Windows concepts, usage, administrator and operator tasks