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Jun-2001 - …
ingo portal, SAP-SPI portal, TWiki Knowledge and Development wikis: Based on my report on information handling, multiple portal pages and knowledge webs have been implemented with a common look-and-feel. There have been:

screenshot ingo portal 2012

May-2002 - Apr-2005
ConfigFilePolicyType External and Internal specifications: I co-developed and later inherited this add-on component to the HP OpenView Operations for Windows enterprise management product. I completely rewrote the existing initial documentation, which then consisted of two rough drafts in MS Word format, which had 80% overlap. I restructured the documentation into two parts: an external specification, which describes the component from the customer's point of view (its graphical user interface, navigation, possible actions, installation/uninstallation) and important product information for support purposes (release and patch history, supported platforms, known issues). As this component is customized and used by other products, the external part also offers an integration guide for those teams, detailing the offered tools, templates and APIs. The internal specification documents the architecture, internal modules and all information about the development infrastructure that a software developer needs to maintain and enhance the component: source code structure, build, packaging and other project processes.
Taking a clue from open-source projects, I deviated from our organization's typical choice of MS Word and implemented the specifications as a set of HTML pages which were put under version control next to the component's source code. This allowed for easy revising, which I frequently did, with one overall review at each project's conclusion. HTML made it possible to include references to the corresponding paragraph in emails and defect fix enclosures, which I used extensively and which saved many duplicate explanations. I also created a self-contained copy for offline reading in *.chm format.

Technical Abstract: Improving R&D workflow and knowledge management through simple Internet collaboration methods, prepared for the HP Technology Conference 2003 in Keystone, Colorado.
To foster knowledge exchange and cross-team collaboration, we integrated simple Internet technologies like web server and newsgroups into the software development process. Our web-based knowledge hub improved communication among engineers and increased synergy at virtually no cost and with minimal implementation overhead.

Technical report: Information handling at OpenView R&D: Tackling our team's problem with information and document sharing, I devised a simple, lightweight solution that combines an Apache web server running on my Unix development system with OpenView's ClearCase versioned file system storage. This way, both short-lived information of current interest as well as long-term specifications can be safely modified by all team members, using simple check-ins and network shares. With my proposed file structure, documents can be easily located and linked together.
Our team has been using the web server for two projects; only recently, a product portal site, meeting minutes and the project plan have been added. The website has been accepted by the team and its use is still expanding.

Style Guide: Definitions for C/C++ coding: This document grew from a couple of pages about C++ coding style (identifier naming, function prototype documentation comments) based on suggestions by my assistant project's mentor to a 50-page collection of various software engineering topics (project management, analysis, design, layout, coding). Various Internet sources and excerpts from software engineering books have been incorporated into it. It has spawned off comments templates for many programming languages. Since posting the document and accompanying templates on my Intranet page, it has been used by several fellow engineers and considered for making its rules mandatory across the business section.

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1..2-Jul-2014 - 2 days
Visited Scrum Day 2014, this time hosted by HP in the same building where I'm working. Two half-day workshops on the first day (lean product development, generating and selecting product ideas fast; successful business models with Agile, using the Business Model Canvas). Various talks on the second day, mostly around scaling agile across an organization or enterprise, Scrum anti-patterns, agility in aviation. I especially enjoyed the keynotes by Scrum inventor Jeff Sutherland on the roots of Scrum and by Craig Larman, who characterized the organizational resistance, politics, and component teams that our organization is suffering from as if he were there.

3..7-Feb-2014 - 5 days
Visited OOP 2014 conference in Munich. Under the headline Complexity: Managing today's challenges, attended talks on evolving architecture and legacy systems, integration chaos and testing, but also on modern HTML web apps and JEE.

3..6-May-2010 - 4 days
Visited JAX 2010 conference in Mainz. Participated in Agile workshops and attended various sessions about Agile adoption, the future of Java and new dynamic languages (Groovy, Scala, Clojure) on the JVM.

18..21-Mar-2004 - 4 days
Booth duty at the HP/SAP partner booth at CeBIT 2004 in Hannover. Presented the OpenView product portfolio, especially for management of large SAP environments with the HP OpenView Smart Plug-In for SAP. [photo of me at booth]