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Sam Newman, The Principles of Microservices; online webinar of a modern distributed (Docker-based) architecture with devops; O'Reilly Media, 2015

Unlocking Disaster; Air Crash Investigation of Flight 811 out of Honululu due to blow out of a cargo door in flight, and the cover-up of NTSB and Boeing

Jon Skeet, OMG Ponies!!! @ Stack Overflow Dev Days London 2009; a humoristic explanation of the challenges of apparently trivial programming tasks like String reversing and floating-point math

Steve McConnell, Managing Technical Debt (Construx webinar 25-Jan-2011); types of debt and advice on when to take it and how to pay it down

James Boyle, 7 Ways To Ruin A Technological Revolution (Google tech talk 2006), Intellectual Protection and international patent law

Don Norman, Ten Rules for Successful Products (keynote at Business of Software 2009), usability and design for software products

Joel Spolsky, Simplicity vs. Choice (keynote at Business of Software 2009), forcing decisions upon users vs. elegant (but hard) design that allows the user to do what he wants to do

David Tucker, Getting Started with Cairngorm, 5 webcasts about the recommended MVC micro-architecture for Flex web apps

Bruce Eckel, James Ward, First Steps in Flex; A Quick, Small Intro for Programmers; 20 webcasts touching all aspects of Flex in Adobe FlexBuilder projects

Daniel Pink, Drive; The surprising truth about what motivates us, Motivation; What really Motivates Workers, Leading@Google; multiple presentations at Google, TED, etc. by the author of the eponymous book

Grant Marten (HP), How to survive in the 21st Century Business: Dealing with reorganizations, changes and job loss; HP Take Care webcast

11-Jul-2007 - ½ day (Susan Fisher, Transnational Management Associates Ltd.)
Partnering Across Cultures: Israel: cultural awareness and differences

Elizabeth Hendrickson, Agile QA and Testing, HP agile group webcast

Laureen Knudsen, From Waterfall to Agile - one study in change, HP agile group webcast

Bruce Eckel, Thinking in Code - Bruce Eckel interviews software luminaries: Anders Hejlsberg, Guido Van Rossum, Joshua Bloch, Martin Fowler, Tim Lister, Ron Jeffries, Jim Highsmith, Jim Fulton, Chuck Allison, Bill Venners, Daniel Will Harris, www.mindviewinc.com

Rob Myers, The legacy code challenge: Living with compromise, testing legacy code, HP agile group webcast

Alistair Cockburn, The Crystal family of agile methodologies, HP agile group webcast

Samuel Keene, Holistic reliability management; webcast